Furrydelphia 2017 Artist Alley Application
Thank you for your interest in our Artist Alley! Please be sure to read the entirety of this application.
Artist Alley Rules *

1) Filling out this application is the only thing you need to do to apply for the Artist Alley. Participants will be selected via lottery on July 16th. Applicants who do not win can be placed on the waitlist.

2) If you are chosen to be a participant and find out you will not be able to attend the convention, you must let us know as soon as possible. Failure to give proper notice before cancelling your table or being a no-show at your table will forfeit your table space and may bar you from participating in the Artist Alley in future years.

3) All applicants must register for Furrydelphia in order to be considered an official applicant. Only individuals who are registered attendees of Furrydelphia 2017 may work in the Artist Alley.

Applicants who have not registered by July 16th will be disqualified from participation. 

4) You are the only person who may operate your table. Assistants are not allowed. If you do need to step away from your table for a time, you may have a friend sit at your table to watch over things if you like, but they may not sell things on your behalf.

5) Participants must process their payments through the Con Store. Instructions on how to do so will be provided later. 6% sales tax and a 3% convenience fee will be deducted from each sale. Any sales made outside of the Con Store are considered ILLEGAL by the State of Pennsylvania and will result in immediate removal from the Artist Alley and, in order to keep our promoter status, we must report you to any necessary authorities. 

6) You may only sell materials that you have personally created. Examples include traditional and digital art, fursuit pieces, literature written by you, etc. Merchandise made by professional companies (for example, CustomInk for T shirts) can be sold as long as the merchandise is of a design you personally created.

7) Adult material is not allowed to be shown in the Artist Alley. All publicly visible content must be PG. You may take adult commissions from your customers, but you may not work on them at your table. 

8) You must actively be open for business to occupy an Artist Alley table. If our Staff notices you are not taking commissions or selling goods and services, you will be asked to vacate your table.

9) If you are not chosen to be a participant at first, you may be placed on the waitlist unless you specify you would rather not. If you do ask to be on the waitlist, you are encouraged to bring some art supplies and other items as if you were a winner. After all, you never know when someone is going to be a no-show!

10) Artist Alley participants are expected to be presentable and friendly. If anything about you is off-putting, including appearance, body odor, and personality, you may be asked to vacate your table. Please remember to be kind and courteous to all attendees and staff members!

Have you read and agree to these rules?
Legal First Name *

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Legal Last Name *

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Badge Name *

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Table Name *

What you would like your "business" to be called. Example: Mr. Ardvark's Awesome Art
What will you sell? *

Website *

Where can we see a gallery of examples of your work?
If you don't win, would you like to be waitlisted? *

Individuals on the waitlist are encouraged to bring art supplies and other Artist Alley necessities with them to the con. You never know when someone is going to cancel or be a no-show!
Almost Done!

Thanks again for your interest in our Artist Alley! We wish you best of luck in winning a table.

Don't forget, winners will be randomly picked on July 16th!
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