The nightly dance is an iconic convention event, and our DJs are the ones who make it happen. We look forward to having you perform at our event!


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This name will be listed as your DJ name on our event schedule. It does NOT have to be the same as your badge name for Furrydelphia.

* Furrydelphia is a family friendly event. Please choose your DJ name accordingly.
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Emphasis on other conventions, furry or otherwise.
What genre(s) of music will you play during your performance? *

Keep in mind we can't easily accept more than one or two DJs of the same genre.
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Demo Link *

Please provide ONE link to ONE demo of 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes of length.

* We greatly prefer demos that we can stream (eg: Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube) rather than demos that we have to download.

Please answer these questions so we know how to prepare for your performance!
Will you be able to bring your own mixer or controller to use during your performance?

Does your mixer/controller have RCA master outputs? *

The following are the terms by which you agree to be a DJ performer for Furrydelphia 2017. Please read them carefully, as you will be expected to abide by them in their entirety. *

1) Completing this form does NOT guarantee you a spot as a DJ at Furrydelphia. Once all applications have been submitted and reviewed, you will receive a decision through email.

2) Timeslots will be offered in 1-hour incriments. 2-hour timeslots will ONLY be given if we are understaffed with DJs.

3) We are planning for our dances to go from 9pm until 2am Friday and Saturday nights, although that schedule is subject to our hotel manager's approval. They may require us to end at 1am; we will know for certain soon.

4) While we hugely appreciate your participation in making our event as great as possible, we unfortunately cannot offer any compensation for your DJ performance, including but not limited to monetary compensation or registration/room comp.

5) Being a DJ for Furrydelphia 2017 does not guarantee that you will be a DJ for any future Furrydelphia years. You will have to apply like this each year that you want to be a DJ.

6) Furrydelphia does not guarantee that any DJ equipment will be available for you to use. You are expected to bring your own mixer or controller to use during your performance. Your mixer or controller MUST be able to connect to a standard RCA master output. A 3.5mm output ("aux cord" plug) is not acceptable. Furrydelphia will provide all other necessary equipment, including speakers, lighting, and cables.

7) By submitting this application, you agree to allow Furrydelphia, Inc. to use your DJ name, timeslot, and genre for any promotional purposes with intent to attract attendees to the convention and to the nightly dances. You also consent to any and all information provided in this form to be internally cataloged by Furrydelphia for our records and for any future private use. Please note none of your personal information including name, email address, and other contact information will be made publicly available without your direct authorization.
You're ready to submit!

Once again, applications close on June 11th. Decisions will be sent via email on June 17th.

You will get an email from us whether you are accepted or not. If you do not get an email from us by June 18th, please contact us via twitter @Furrydelphia or email at

Thank you for applying and good luck!
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